UAB „Nokvėja”


The truth as old as the world – the most beautiful ideas are born and the best work is done in cooperation... UAB NOKVĖJA also was born in cooperation: it was founded in 1995 by a vigorous Norwegian businessman and a young Lithuanian couple. We, the founders of the company, noticed that that the supply of salmon on Lithuanian market was very low, and then decided to start trading in high quality fish farm-raised in Norway. Therefore, in 1996, we adjusted our own outbuildings located in our hometown, the Žvainiai village near Salantai town, for production activities. A 40 square metre summer kitchen was turned into a fish processing facility. We started cutting the salmon into portions – steaks, and then salted and smoked this fish. We involved our neighbours in the family business too. Gradually, fair and consistent work in the right direction made the UAB NOKVĖJA brand known in the kitchens of the best Lithuanian restaurants.

In 2001, we increased our production facilities to 500 square metres and introduced the HACCP food safety assurance system. We built a traditional fish smokehouse according to old Norwegian drawings.

In 2003, we started cooperation with UAB NOWACO LIETUVA, established in Kaunas (now UAB BIDVEST LIETUVA), which helped us discover more ways to access the market. This company became the distributor of our salmon products. At the order of UAB NOWACO LIETUVA, we started packing frozen fish and seafood and supplying these products to retail networks. We have been reliable partners for many years and still work together.

During 2005-2015, we installed modern refrigerators and bought weighing and packaging equipment, including innovative cutting equipment. We are now capable of producing and packaging 150-240 tons of fish per month. It should be emphasized that we appreciate natural food, so we do not use any chemical additives in production. All our products are made only upon the customers’ orders, so they are fresh and are not stored for long in the warehouse. Because of this, our products do not lose their best nutritional properties. We have gained valuable experience during our twenty years of operation, created a professional team and increased our range of services.

Our employees have acquired good manufacturing practices and specific areas of competency while working in fish processing plants in Norway.

We are a medium-sized company and strive to remain such. We work flexibly and efficiently. We provide high quality services, which are appreciated by our customers who trust us. Effective decisions are made quickly, and problems are solved here and now. We will always offer high quality products and services at the right price. We value long-term partners, and we are open to new relationships.

We are lucky, because hard-working, good-humoured, tough Samogitians who know their job perfectly work in our company. When asked, “How are you?”, it’s a great pleasure to answer, “Like fish in the water...”